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The winter came to us as well Maybe a bit later than usually. But it’s here now and I am enjoying it a little bit! Photo got edited with Snapseed

Having little fun in the kitchen. With my camera of course!Zabawa w kuchni. Z moim aparatem fotograficznym oczywiście.

Being mom of a two months old who does not like his crib but more so to sleep in his mom arms is definitely stopping me from doing things like having more fun in the kitchen. Or like taking more pictures. There are some days though, when he takes longer nap, in his crib, and
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Back in new role!

It’s been over 5 weeks since this little guy came into this world. Waited for him whole 9 months and now he’s here with us bringing so much joy! Please welcome Mikolaj! I’ve always knew there is something special about the love mother has for her child. Now I can relate to this in my
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Flower photography- Lily of the ValleyFotografia kwiatowa- konwalie

Maybe spring is my most favorite time of the year because it’s coming right after few months of cold, gray weather? It comes and offers so much! You can sense its beginning with smell and everything around stars growing and than soon after blooming! And it seems that after few months of being cold and senseless-
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Day that changed my life… Day at the shelter for animals…

Throughout my childhood I have been lucky enough to be close to nature and have many animals in my life. My parents owned small farm and they always kept cows, pigs or chickens, but we also always had at least one dog and at least one cat. The small town I grew up in was
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Enjoying warmth of spring sun – new photographRadość z wiosennego słońca- nowa fotografia

Over the weekend my hubby and I decided to take a quick trip out of town. Just for some sightseeing of the area. And since the weather turned out to be just perfect: warm and almost windless- we have had so much fun! Aside from sightseeing the area I was also set on finding signs
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