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Waiting for lightWaiting for light

This print has been waiting few months before I have decided that it really can be shared. It’s a bit dark and a bit sad… at least to me. Do you feel the same? It was very windy day in Sandomierz when this photo was taken. Clouds were moving really fast and within few minutes
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Let’s Feel The Green!Poczuj Zieleń!

This is the time of the year when I really want spring to come already! Last days of winter, snow-less, cold and windy days are already boring.  Too much gray. I need some blooming trees and flowers.   Spring Mist is available as 10×10″ (25x25cm) print via my Etsy shop. Size can be customized!To jest
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Blue Moon- photographic printBlue Moon- fotografia

Winter is inspiring! Even when it is really, really cold! But how would I just pass something, that is so beautiful? Below, the new print: Blue Moon, available through Etsy as 5×7″ (13x18cm) print- of course size can be customized! After the photograph was processed for some contrast and exposure in Lightroom, I have combined
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Citys Bird Sanctuary- New Photographic PrintMiejskie Ptasie Sanktuarium- Nowe Zdjecie

Just added to my Etsy store print of photograph taken about month ago in Sandomierz. Sandomierz is one of  middle sized cities, we have here in Poland. But definitely important, when we speak of historical importance and currently economical and industrial meaning to the country. The old town of Sandomierz is really beautiful, with nice
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