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Having little fun in the kitchen. With my camera of course!Zabawa w kuchni. Z moim aparatem fotograficznym oczywiście.

Being mom of a two months old who does not like his crib but more so to sleep in his mom arms is definitely stopping me from doing things like having more fun in the kitchen. Or like taking more pictures. There are some days though, when he takes longer nap, in his crib, and
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Fine art photographic prints- where to go to find them?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Etsy was my way of starting. How it happened? I have been photographing nature and working on editing photos for some time. And majority of those pictures was landing in the drawer. Some friends saw some of my work, but nothing too serious. Until one of the friend suggested I
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“Ich bin ein Berliner”“Ich bin ein Berliner”

Over the long weekend (at least for me) I have been enjoying few days off. Few days away from daily routine. I was visiting my friends who live in Berlin and enjoying this city I have heard so much about! It was truly amazing experience and hard to describe pleasure! You can expect some pictures
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Frosty MorningFrosty Morning

  We have pretty November this year in Cracow. At least so far- there’s been rather sunny. Temperatures not too bad. No snow either. But at nights it’s getting chili. Last night I’ve notices, that frost’s been settling down on cars… I guess the winter is coming! ______________________ “Frosty Morning” was taken during last winter.
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Worth Visiting in Krakow- Museum of History of Photography

For a while now I was planning my visit to the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow. And finally, partially thanks to my friend and his friends from Pentax user group- I went and saw it! And now I can recommend visiting this place, because it’s definitely great to see for anyone, who may
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Printing FrustrationsFrustracje z drukowaniem

Maybe I am only one of few photographers, who believe, that nothing shows the beauty of an image better than a print. On website it can look amazing, but only paper can bring up the details, that digital screens are not able to preserve. Specific features of certain types of paper, like my most favorite
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