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It feels like special holiday! Every time!To uczucie niesamowicie specjalne! za każdym razem!

In the past I have told you my story with Etsy site. And how it always has been my main site of interest when it came to displaying affordable photographic art for purchase. And even though there are not too many daily updates here in regards to my Etsy activity (renewals, sold orders, etc.) there
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Fine art photographic prints- where to go to find them?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Etsy was my way of starting. How it happened? I have been photographing nature and working on editing photos for some time. And majority of those pictures was landing in the drawer. Some friends saw some of my work, but nothing too serious. Until one of the friend suggested I
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Valentine’s Day Finds – from EtsyNa Walentynki- z Etsy

Where else to look for inspiration and find great things for Valentine’s Day gifts? Etsy is great place. And by searching treasuries you can discover truly amazing items! Like in this treasury above, which not only featured my print Aside, but also was featured yesterday on the front page of Etsy!Where else to look for
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Treasuries from EtsyTreasury ze strony Etsy

Not too long ago, inspired by the number of really beautiful treasuries created on Etsy, I have decided to set up page, where some of the screenshots will be shown. This is more to give more exposure to selected ones, as there is so many of them around the holidays- it’s really hard to keep
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Pure- new photographic print Pure- nowy wydruk fotograficzny

It’s been a while since I have made an update to my little shop located on Etsy.com. Mainly due to lack of time. If you have seen my previous posts you will know more about what has been keeping me so busy recently. So this is the new addition- ‘Pure’ 8×8″ (20x20cm) print. Of course
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The Color GreenKolor Zielony

Enjoy the slideshow consisting of amazing photographs from talented photographers of Etsy! And sing along Przedstawiam slide show z fotografiami pochodzącymi z grupy Photographers of Etsy. Zapraszam do oglądania!

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