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Choices! Can You Help With Mine?

By any means I am not graphic designer and never really had any training in this area. And I understand, that- well, my little creations can be sometimes really mediocre or worse.

But today I am looking at deadline and need your help, please.

For photographing quilt exhibition local art magazine (which is going to use some of my photos for publication), offered me an advertising spot.  Deadline to submit design for the ad is almost here.
And here I am trying to create something, that will look somehow good (hopefully). I had narrowed down my choices to two designs, which you can see below.

And- I would like to as big big favor, please!
Could you share your opinion, which ad is more attractive, which brings more attention, which better represents my work?
Any suggestions you have, that may improve any of them- greatly appreciated!


artsee- www.joannasfoto.com

ad no 1


artsee- www.joannasfoto.com

ad no 2

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