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Worth Visiting in Krakow- Museum of History of Photography

For a while now I was planning my visit to the Museum of History of Photography in Krakow. And finally, partially thanks to my friend and his friends from Pentax user group- I went and saw it! And now I can recommend visiting this place, because it’s definitely great to see for anyone, who may
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Printing FrustrationsFrustracje z drukowaniem

Maybe I am only one of few photographers, who believe, that nothing shows the beauty of an image better than a print. On website it can look amazing, but only paper can bring up the details, that digital screens are not able to preserve. Specific features of certain types of paper, like my most favorite
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It took me a moment to feel certain this is the print I want to share more publicly and offer for purchase. I could call it the walking-print. Not because it walks, but because it was taken during one of those nice very early spring walks. It was early enough in the season, that there
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Walking through KrakowSpacerem po Krakowie

It’s sort of my photographic project- to go for a walk and capture today, what is here today and how it looks like.  Like a personal photo album. Way of remembering the moment in my life and what surrounds me. Enjoy few photos from my walks around Krakow. To jest swego rodzaju, specyficzny projekt fotograficzny.
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World Wide Photo Walk in Krakow!World Wide Photo Walk w Krakowie!

The whole world is walking again. And Krakow is joining in! Please consider this post as an open invitation to join in and have fun! All you need is to enjoy photography and like to share your passion with others! So dust off your camera and join the walk! We are going to meet on
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Aga & Mirek Wedding- sneak peek! Aga i Mirek, ślub- podglądamy!

Past weekend was very eventful. In the most positive way it could be. My little sister got married! YAY! Not long ago we have had fun during Aga and Mirek photo engagement session. Below please see just few pictures from their wedding. This is just a quick sneak peek- more to come soon! Aga (
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