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Category: etsy

Pure- new photographic print Pure- nowy wydruk fotograficzny

It’s been a while since I have made an update to my little shop located on Etsy.com. Mainly due to lack of time. If you have seen my previous posts you will know more about what has been keeping me so busy recently. So this is the new addition- ‘Pure’ 8×8″ (20x20cm) print. Of course
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The Color GreenKolor Zielony

Enjoy the slideshow consisting of amazing photographs from talented photographers of Etsy! And sing along Przedstawiam slide show z fotografiami pochodzącymi z grupy Photographers of Etsy. Zapraszam do oglądania!

Let’s Feel The Green!Poczuj Zieleń!

This is the time of the year when I really want spring to come already! Last days of winter, snow-less, cold and windy days are already boring.  Too much gray. I need some blooming trees and flowers.   Spring Mist is available as 10×10″ (25x25cm) print via my Etsy shop. Size can be customized!To jest
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Lower price on 8×12″ printsNiższa cena na wydruki 20x30cm

Within last few months as my personal life was changing some changes are affecting my online presence, like for example my store with prints on Etsy. Being located in new place, with so different resources and services available brings many challenges to face. And as some might be easily predicted others are coming up unexpectedly
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Front Page on EtsyNa stronie głównej Etsy

Hitting the front page exposure is usually not that easy. For most part. It takes lot’s of luck. At least this is my experience. That’s why it’s a great reason to share it if there is opportunity! Here’s screen shot from Etsy front page, where my print is featured! Visit the actual life collection, with
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Just Discovered on Etsy.com Ostatnie odkrycie na Etsy.com

Being part of Etsy- the community of handmade products, has been rather big part of my daily routine. I think if someone would ask me whether I am addicted, it would be hard for me to deny. It’s not only about the fact, that I sell my prints via Etsy. But also- and I think
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