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How photographers work?Jak pracuje fotograf?

Recently interesting infographic about how the job of photographer looks like has been circulating on facebook. The data for the two charts below has been released by International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers couple of years ago and it seems that from time to time it comes back to us shared via different sites or social media.
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Due to changes which will happen soon in my personal life I will be placing my Etsy and DaWanda shops in vacation mode until further notice. The last day to place order is 23rd of October and unfortunately at this point I am not able to specify the reinstating date. Here on the blog  I
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Too hot for outdoors show

After latest show I came up with this opinion, that heat doesn’t help with sales of handcrafts and art, and I mean outdoor sales. It seems that attention span is shorter,  not as much of standing & chatting going on. More of a “walking through” attitude among shoppers. Is it just me, that got that
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New Design!

Finally, after long time spent on browsing and searching, and trying to find inspiration for new design for my website I was able to find something, that matched my expectations of clean and rather simple look. I found it while browsing the Theme Forest website. I have always liked browsing through that site, there is
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Results of my poll about payment options

At the end of March I asked my friends on facebook and here for participation in my poll about preferred forms of payment to use at local venues like craft shows etc. I would like to thank everyone, who took a moment and shared their opinion. And below are results of my poll. The choices
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Thank you for coming to DAW

Finally everything is organized and filed away. And the more I do it (the shows)- the more I seem to realize, that I much more prefer the part of getting ready for the show, rather that putting leftover inventory back into their storage space, putting supplies away etc. There is an idea in my head
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