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Category: personal scribblings

Is it here yet? Czy już tu jest?

Has the spring came to you yet? It is finally showing its first signs here in Krakow. And I am so happy to finally smell it and enjoy warmer temperatures! And more sun! I have missed the lack of sun. When it is cold I seem to not be able to spend as much time
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Happy Valentine’s Day!Wszystkiego Walentynkowego!

My Dear! Hope all of you will make this day special for yourself! And for those who you would like to spend it with! Enjoy it. Make it beautiful! In just the way you feel works the best for you! Happy Valentine’s Day! Kochani! Mam nadzieję, że zrobicie sobie dzień specjalny! Dla siebie i tych,
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Tell me about yourselfOpowiedz mi o sobie

How many times have you faced the above question? It seems so easy, I always thought. Well- I should know something about myself, right? It always seems easy until I am asked to answer it! Having recently to go through job interview I faced the above question. And even though I considered it as one
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Happy New Year!Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

There is a lot  I would like to wish you all and myself. It’s hard to say it in just few words, but to make it short I wish you a year, that will make you happy! I wish you a year, that your plans will come true, that you will find your path. I
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Privacy OnlineInternetowa Prywatność

Hope you all had great holidays and getting ready for New Years Eve celebration? And sending another batch if wishes for New Years! Speaking about that… While sending my Christmas wishes this year, I have used e-mail, regular mail cards as well as social media platforms. There is so many people I (sort of) know
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Visiting my parents…Odwiedziny u rodzicow…

For last month and a half I have been living in Poland, but to be honest with you much of that time was also spent to traveling. Visiting family and friends. One of the trips I took, was to visit my parents, living still in the tiny village. Village is tiny enough, that most maps
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