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Category: personal scribblings

Never Ready For Such NewsNie gotowi na takie wiadomości

One can never be ready to hear news like this. Not even when the medical records may suggest it. I cannot imagine one can be ready. I may not be big fan of everything Steve Jobs made. But I do appreciate all he brought into todays world. How he changed the way we use technology.
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  It has been long few months, but slowly all is wrapping up for my school come back. Slowly things are being closed, assignments rated and exams passed. And maybe I have been busy enough to not be able to carry camera with me, but still I am observing and registering things around me. And
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I guess looking at the title you are able to guess easily what is consuming majority of my time. At least that will be true for last couple of months. To homework I would also add- writing my MA thesis… It’s all moving forward, I am done in about 60% with writing, but still few
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As the day is getting to its end I am thinking about today. It was my birthday. Maybe not much different than others, yet something triggered more thoughts, more reflections, some strange yearning for…I am not sure for what. I am happy I was able to spend today with my best friend and person closest
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Happy Holiday!Wesołych Świąt!

Another holiday is here! Hope that it is going to be occasion for all of you to spend time with loved ones, enjoy some great company and great food, have fun, share joy! Easter traditions may vary in different parts of the world- but one thing is always important: to be with those, who are
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The only limit… is timeJedyny limit… to czas

When going to school in the usual school-age I never appreciated how limited time is. I may have wanted to have extra day or so to prepare better to test or exam, but this never was the constant lack of it. Like right now. My dear friends- I am here and alive. Just buried under
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