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The winter came to us as well Maybe a bit later than usually. But it’s here now and I am enjoying it a little bit! Photo got edited with Snapseed

2014 is here!

Almost here. In just few minutes! And I am ready for it! As for the 2013… If you’ve ever been to Cracow you probably had a chance to use public transportation. In our buses and trams often you can see digital displays showing all kinds of info and very often the counter showing which day
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Na Dzień Babci i Dzień Dziadka- fotografia dziecięca

Click for text in English Przy okazji Dnia Babcia (dziś, tj. 21. stycznia) i Dnia Dziadka (jutro,) myślami biegnę do mojego dzieciństwa i wspomnień związanych z dziadkami. Niestety o ile z babciami spędziłam dużo czasu, z jedną nadal mogę się widywać osobiście, o tyle obaj dziadkowie odeszli zbyt szybko… Zostały po nich tylko rodzinne fotografie.
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Looking out of the window- winter photography

There are things that never get boring. But only if we are looking in a way, that we are willing to discover something new every day. I look through my window very often. I have always found it amazing, that every time I look, there is something beautiful to see. Nature changes with every minute and sometimes
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*Polish version below | Polska wersja poniżej So here has the new year started already. Did you write down your resolutions for this year? Or decided to keep them in virtual form, in your memory? I decided for neither. I actually decided not to set up list with resolutions. Past year has shown me how
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It’s that time of the year again! Merry Christmas!

We are safe at this point. The end of this world, predicted by Mayans, has not happened. I will take this positive opportunity to wish you all wonderful Christmas time! May it be peaceful and warm, spend with people you love!

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