Hello, my name is Joanna Sfoto. I used to be a working mom with 2 kids, 60+ hours of work per week and a new college writing assignment each month on my way to the degree. Eventually, I started to use the help of multiple custom writing services and now I’m happy to share genuine reviews on my blog.

Copycrafter.net assignment help website review

This is just an appreciation post to the Copycrafter team. They are the best! So far and maybe ever! I can attest to their reliability. At first, about a year ago, I gave it a try because I was short in time for a deadline. It would totally screw my grades if I won’t pass the papers on time. I had other similarly important things to do, so I figured why not ask for help, right?

But I never knew then who to ask, as no one would of course, voluntarily do it. So I search online, as others my age would, too. And I stumbled across copycrafter.net online assignment help. I read some pretty decent reviews and saw that the ratings were up.

To my surprise and good impression, the Copy Crafter team was able to deliver me my papers, all fit my specific instructions. In all honesty, I didn’t expect such pace ( a term paper in less than a week) and such flawless work. Prior to working on the papers, they even gave out quality support by suggesting better ways to present the paper.

I read their work. It was quite believable that it was a student’s work (as I instructed) but good enough to go beyond an average work. Very trustworthy’ is all I can commend them. If it was just for my money’s worth, it was definitely worth a second, a third, a fourth do-over. I even felt I should be paying more, but their price was too fair and good.

copycrafter.net assignment help review

Now I know. Unlike at first, now I know who to trust with my homework or assignments when the times get rough and schedules, tight.

My most recent assignment help from Copy Crafter is just as excellent as the previous ones, but this one was the most memorable. I had to make a script for a theatre play as a school home project. It was not mine, it was my sister’s. I usually help this younger sister of mine but this time, I admitted to my inability. Copycrafter immediately came into my mind. But I had doubts, like “maybe they don’t work on things like this”. But to their competence, they said they can do it.

They gave us a script paper that’s interesting to read. The style was very creative and wonderful, that my sister’s script and the story even came up as part of a school play. That was like, too much, I thought to myself. The team exceeded my expectations. I felt that they are a big part of mine and my sister’s academic success. If I could rate you a 5 out of 5 stars ten times, I would.

Thank you so much for carrying out services according to your integrity and expertise, Copycrafter! Keep on flourishing.

Papersowl.com assignment help website review

I am writing a review as a college-goer. I admit my English command is not that good. So I try to rely on internet grammar checkers and eventually assignment helpers online. PapersOwl is one of the sites I’ve tried to tap especially in those times where I need to submit standard papers for school.

If I could maybe rate PapersOwl in this review, I would give a 2 out of 5 stars. The paper they gave back to me was not that bad but the rate at which my writer finished her work was beyond the limit.

I was monitoring the paper because it was a crucial one to my academics but sadly I had to always nag my writer in order for the paper to be submitted on time. It was very stressful for me and maybe if there are better writing services out there, I would try them out.

Especially after I found out that there are some parts that were not original (although very few parts only). The part with no originality was not the plagiarism type but the types which are just rephrased and seemed to have come out of another, more established site.

Papernow.com assignment help website review

I tried out Papernow once, and I’m sorry to say this would just be one time. I usually don’t give bad feedbacks but this might be one of those few exceptions.

To be quite fair, the Papernow team was on point in their deadline. The price of the service was also not that bad. But after receiving the paper and read on it. I just didn’t get what I expected. Surely the paper didn’t meet the guidelines I gave as to the quality of content. In short, it was a bit generic and bland. I didn’t enjoy reading on the paper that much.

For others, this site may work but it doesn’t work for me. Rate you guys 1 out of 5. Peace out.